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Kabylia is a region east of Algiers whose Berber traditions and culture are thousands of years old
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The Algerian Sahara
The Algerian Sahara is a magical place to visit, you will discover an enchanting desert and the Tuaregs, its inhabitants, humble and generous, taste the tea of the blue men, the traditional bread baked in the sand and the delicious grills ...
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The Algerian coast, natural beaches & Seaside Hotels
Algeria is also a coast of 800 Miles, naturally beautiful beaches and hotels by the sea, you will taste the delights of the Mediterranean Sea, grilled fish of all kinds, seafood, ...
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Where to Go once in Algeria ?

Why Visiting Algeria ?

Visiting Algeria should be on the agenda of anyone who wants to discover a  naturally beautiful Country and unspoiled nature, historical sites and above all a generous people, a generous and delicious traditional and modern cuisine made with Mediterranean ingredients, some of which are typically Algerian, as well as many  festivals and celebrations full of music and colors, customs and costumes different for each region of the country and finally a dynamic of everyday life that will surely please you …

Pictures from Algeria

Why Algerian Food Tour ?

I could probably never summarize all the culinary diversity of the Algerian regions in these few articles, so I’ll just give you a taste of what you can experience in Algeria…

Several varieties of Couscous that you will only find in Algeria

Couscous food tour in algeria

Enjoy the different types of “Couscous”, this traditional dish, delicious and dietetic, a recipe that varies according to the seasons and regions, but they all have a common point: they are delicious!

The Algerian " Mechoui " , a meat feast that you will never forget

Mechoui algerian food tour

Savor the “MECHOUI”, lambs roasted on the spit, on the embers of a wood fire, a speciality of the cities of the Algerian highlands , a culinary knowledge which was transmitted from father to son in the families of breeders of sheep, of the sheep raised and nourished with the wild mugwort , a local aromatic grass, especially for this feast..

Typical products of Algeria

algerian food tour products of algeria

Delicacies and products typically Algerian, from dates “Degla” to figs and figs of Berberie, through the famous and delicate extra virgin olive oil, in the mountains of Kabylia, without forgetting the seasonal fruits, grapes Boumerdes and aromatic and medicinal herbs of Bejaia … 

Local handicrafts between meals

Local handicrafts between meals

Discover the traditions and products of Algerian craftsmanship, from pottery in Kabylia to the magic carpets of Ghardaya, wine culture and wicker work, not forgetting the joellerie of Ait Yenni and the Berber jewelry …. You will never go back home with empty suitcases, but with gifts that will make your friends and family very happy…

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